December 2, 2008

Mississipi River view & a Play

This weekend was hectic and fun as usual. I will be home in 2 weeks! Cant wait!!

One of my friends invited me to view a play at the "Guthrie theater". This theater has a "Bridge to nowhere" also called as "Endless Bridge", a cantilevered walkway stretching 178 feet over West River Parkway, provides stunning views of the Mississippi River, Stone Arch Bridge, and St. Anthony Falls. Here are some pics of the view, decide for yourself.

Below is a picture of the most talked about bridge - St. Anthony Falls (35W) Bridge . This 1,216 feet long bridge was constructed in 9 months! You can see a little part of the bridge to the right and the chimneys are from one of the Mills - I think Pillsbury.

In the picture below I was playing with the reflections from inside the theater.

The play I watched "A Christmas Carol" was awesome. Here is the synopsis of the play: Miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge greets Christmas Day with his well-known bah humbug! On Christmas Eve, the ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley, visits Scrooge in his bedroom. Marley has been doomed in death to wear the chains he forged in life through his stinginess, greed and uncaring attitude toward others. Scrooge's chain, he says, is much longer than his own, but there is still time for Scrooge to change. The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come.

Picture & synopsis of Christmas Carol from source