October 29, 2008

Lebanese Deli

My Dinner tonight - One of the Best!!

This is what I ate...with the descriptions of the yummy dishes from the menu...

Tabouli: Traditional salad of parsley, tomatoes, onions, cracked wheat, lemon, oil & spices.

Hummus Bi-Tahini: Fresh garbanzo bean dip made with sesame paste, lemon & garlic (None of the Hummus I had before compares to this!!

Mistah: Thick bread bakes golden brown, served warm with melted butter

All this with a beautiful book to give me company!


October 23, 2008

At the Apple Orchard

Since I have been only sulking all this while about how sad I am to be away etc., I have decided to write about the silver lining around the clouds!

I am surrounded by so many nice people at work who take me to different fun places, it’s a great experience! I have been to the US multiple times before, but they were all very short business trips (read: 2 weeks or less) which I would spend off shopping till my feet hurt! This time it’s different as I am here for 3 months, and thankfully before the snow started (Yeah this is another big story, will tell u later – I always get here when the temp is below zero). This time I got to see some part of fall & I am happy about that.

One of my Friend’s took me to an Apple Orchard with her 7 year old son- Adam. The lady who owns the place bought $50 worth of popcorn from him last year as a fund raiser for Cub scouts. He was hoping that she will buy some this year too – that was his mission. However, like all kids his age – he got so distracted with the Halloween Room that was set-up at the orchard (I will write about it soon); he almost missed selling the popcorn till his mom reminded him :)

I have never been to an apple orchard before – so no expectations here. This place is in South St.Paul, a small & sweet place owned by a friendly old couple. They had different varieties of apple trees, I was so tempted to pluck some!

Here are some pictures from "Orchard Hill"...

Entrance to the orchard

Apple Trees

Apple polishing machine

Apples for sale

Adam lost in wonderland…No…Halloween land!!

October 10, 2008

Simple joys of life....

I do not like staying so far away from home for such a long time...
I do not like the fact that I need to be at work by 8.00 am...
I do not like coming back to an empty apartment...
I do not like weekends where I need to spend 2 boring days all by myself in a studio...
I do not like the fact that such a happy/cheerful person like me is so depressed & lost these days!

What I like is such simple joys in life that could brighten up the most depressing days: These are so colorful & cute!!! They made my day!!

Like someone once said "A joy shared is joy doubled" I hope they brighten your day too.

Have a great weekend!