August 29, 2008

“What’s in your bag? It’s so heavy!”

This is a question I hear regularly from all the men in my life (Other half or best half ;-), Brother, friends). They find it amusing/ridiculous that I always carry this really heavy bag!

I am sure that most of you girls out there reading this post can relate to me – almost all of us have a bunch of MUST-HAVE’s in our bags without which we do not step out. Whether we are going to work, shopping, movie, dining out, traveling…we just have to have these in our bag…we might not need everything everyday, but, just in case the need arises, we are prepared!!

Here’s a sneak peek into my bag:

  1. Mobile Phone: Mine crashed! So this old model Nokia is a make shift arrangement till I buy my new one.

  2. Purse: I picked this up in Minneapolis last Dec from Target. I love it as it has several compartments for holding cash, cards, pictures, visiting cards, pen and coins

  3. Pouch: Made of denim from Bath & Body works for all make-up related stuff.
  4. Perfume: Christian Dior Addict 2 is my latest Fave (earlier it was Chanel Allure). Picked this up in Srilanka. I love this pink tonic!
  5. Hair brush: This over sized Con-air brush is a must to manage my wild, moody, messy tresses! Almost all days are bad hair days for me!

  6. Camera with accessories: Earlier I used to click pics on my mobile (which crashed recently) so now my Sony Digi cam is a must wherever I go along with battery charger & a cord to transfer pics.
  7. Mint: Listerine strips are a smart invention in my mind – so compact, yet so powerful!

  8. Hand Sanitizer: Germ-X from Walgreens. Before I spotted this & got hooked on,I used to wash my hands several times for no reason (waste of time, running to the washroom multiple times to wash my hand) yeah – I guess I have OCD! Now I just use this wherever I am! I think this is one of the coolest inventions for people like me!

  9. Post-its: To make multiple lists in the hope that I will be able to organize my life?

  10. Pen: To manage my multiple lists (shopping, groceries and things to do…)

  11. Book: I am currently reading “Leadership & the one minute manager” by Ken Blanchard, I am not a big fan of self help & leadership books. Now that Sidney Sheldon is no more & Jeffery Archer is not writing Good books like before (Kane & Able, Shall we tell the President etc.,) I started reading the remaining books in my house. Please suggest some good fiction books if you know of any.

  12. Chocolates: I used to love chocolates till about some years back. Then I grew out of that. Now my other half has taken over that love for cocoa. The only chocolate I eat without giving him my share is Raffaello, I have not seen this in any stores here yet :( Thanks to Venky, I get my endless supply!!

  13. Lip gloss: 3 of them: Mac ultra shine, gift from a friend from my ex-company. Beautiful shade…transforms you into a diva in seconds! (Yeah, little exaggerating – but love it!). 2 from Beauty rush line of Victoria secret – lovely shades of brown (Latte love & coconut craze)

  14. Body Lotion: Very Sexy from Victoria Secret. It’s heavenly! Terrific!
  15. Moisturizer: Japanese Cherry Blossom (JCB) from Bath & Body works. Yummy…
  16. Body spray: JCB again from Bath & Body - used along with the same scented moisturizer for a layered effect.

  17. Make-up: Not much of a make-up person, only for special occasions I might need eye liner & eye pencil (Lakme), Mascara (Loreal-volume shocking), lipstick & lip pencil (Maybelline), 2-1 sharpener for lip/eye pencils.

  18. This & That: Safety pin (for emergencies…hmm…like wardrobe malfunction! Yeah, I am from a weird planet!); Small bottle of water; House keys; Dental floss; Nail filer; USB drive

Yeah, this bag packs a punch(Picked this from NEXT in Lido Mall). Well, looks could indeed be deceptive!

I know that all of us do not carry the exact same things…So girls, share what’s in your bag?

Signing off humming: ….And I am a material Girl…..


Priti said...

Ok add me in the list too...everyone too ask me why I carry such big bags ! and tht includes females asking too (imagine tht) list is similar to yours but minus few things :)..great to see like minded ppl ...hehe

CanCan said...

I usually have a bottle of water, too. That is what makes it so heavy, eh?
My purse has random stuff in it related to babies or preschool-friendly emergency snacks. Usually a few pacifiers in there, maybe some wipes and hand sanitizer. Occasionally, but not often, I have money.


Iam just like you .. I carry loads of stuff .. Camera, Mobile,iPod,lip gloss Comb , Hairclips , wallet , sun glasses ,books .. thank God I have some company ..

Smruti said...

Hey Shillu,

Thanks for visiting my blog wrapnbow and leaving ur comments.

My purse is always growing ... always adding things to it. I have no idea when its going to shrink. To add to ur list I also carry a usb drive, a notebook, all coupons and receipts, pay stubs, and now GPS.

Sangeeth said...

oooo thats a great list....won't the bag be heavy to carry? :))))

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow so many things. Really nice to carry all those.

Priti said...

Since you carry heavy bags and tag along is award for your in my inspire U to keep it going ;) ..please collect frm my blog

Usha said...

Oh wow and I thought I was the one carrying the heaviest handbag,yours seems much heavier..I carry a lot of stuff like chapstick,purse,cell phone,multiple lists and a whole lot of random stuff,but stuff like water I do not carry in my bag,keep it seperate, makes it easier for me....:)

Purva Desai said...

Oye Material girl......where u stay...??? I am coming to steal ur purse....:)
Hehehe :) But even I carry almost same stuff in my purse

Shillu said...

Priti, Cancan, Veg platter, Smruti, Usha, Purva - I am glad I have company! Thank you for sharing whats in your bag!

Sangeeth - Yeah its VERY VERY heavy!

Kitchen Flavours: I cant manage without these :) though I dont use everything everyday!

Priti: Thats so sweet of you! These are my first set of awards! You made my day! Thnak you & a big hug!!

perplexed said...

wow!! thtz a lot of stuff and i thought i carried too many things!

among my must-have's is the hand sanitizer which i am obsessed with and the other usual girlie brush, gloss, kajal, the 50ml bottle of my fav perfume! oh and i also carry a small pocket diary!

kammommy said...

we are from the same hangbag is so big that ppl keep on asking whether am taking off the next day assuming it to be some kind of a hand luggage.

but u score...i dont have a hand sanitizer....